Card T&C


1. this gift card is not refundable.

2. This gift card is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase, any remaining balanced will be cancelled on the expiry of the validity period.

3. This gift card cannot be exchange for cash.

4. This gift card can be used to purchase any service or product at Maryam hair and beauty.

5.  Maryam Hair and beauty cannot be held liable for lost or stolen cards or any credit amount held on such cards.

6. No change will be given when using this card although the balance which will be shown on the receipt may be applied to future purchases.

7. This card may be used to purchase goods of higher price than the balance of the card upon full payment of the difference.

8. The transaction may only take place at the till when a valid card is presented.  


Hair treatments T&C

Hair prices vary according to the hair thickness and length

Short hair (above the neck line up to 8 inches)

Medium hair (below the shoulder up to 12 inches)

Long hair (below the shoulder blades up to 20 inches)

Extra-long hair (below 20 inches).

Skin test will be required 48 hours prior to colour appointment.

MHB Policy: any complaint regarding service must be dealt with immediately before leaving our salon premises.


LVL Lashes

We can not carry on treatment without patch test(skin test )which is strongly advisable for all clients 24 hours prior to the treatment.

In case of not having the skin test.we would ask you to fill disclaimer form to carry on treatment.

Without having the skin test and signed disclaimer from we won’t be able to serve you and clients can lose their treatment